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Nursery & Landscape

Whether you're a seasoned nurseryman or you are just looking to start a new DIY project, Carbon Pure is incredibly beneficial when added to your potted plants or gardening mix. Carbon Pure's high CEC allows the soil your plants are potted in to retain the fertilizer nutrients you add and will only release those nutrients when the plant looks to metabolize them. Carbon Pure is hygroscopic and will help your plants retain needed moisture as well which can help in drought events, locations with limited irrigation, or to reduce irrigation usage in general. With double the nutrient supply of compost Carbon Pure also provides the plant with a high level of nutrients on its own. All of these factors combined with its high carbon content and balanced PH provides a primed soil environment which will allow each potted plant a higher advantage in terms of faster, stronger, and more vibrant growth that lasts longer.

Nursery & Landscape: Materials Accepted
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