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Golf & Sports Turf

Sports turf and golf course grasses can be sensitive and difficult to maintain. Carbon Pure provides 3 of the major components needed to keep a high quality golf course or sports field looking and performing at it's best: drought tolerance, nutrient supply, and a healthy and productive microbrial soil environment.

1.  Carbon Pure™ is an extremely hygroscopic product, because of this and it's micron-particle size it instantly absorbs the water it comes into contact with while being completely homogenized with the sand it's mixed with. Carbon Pure is able to absorb more than 1.5 times its own weight in water in seconds. At a recommended 10% topdressing mix, these attributes ensure that your turf always has access to the water it needs when it needs it, without allowing excess water to build up.

2. "Available" nutrients is paramount. Carbon Pure™ not only contains over double the nutrients of a typical compost or organic matter ammendment product, but unlike peat & compost Carbon Pure™ is fully decomposed and will not compete with a plant for nutrients, therefore providing the plant with a much more available array of micro and macro nutrients.

3. Microbial development is a major factor that contributes to strong healthy turf and plant life. Due to Carbon Pure's™ high level of carbon and organic matter content, users are able to increase microbial development in even their most problematic soils. The soil environment created by Carbon Pure aids in the creation of beneficial nitrogen-fixing bacteria and mycorrhizae that are designed to deliver nutrients to the plants. This environment also helps protect the plants from disease and nutrient deficiencies by supplying all the macro- and micro-nutrients that plants require while simultaneously breaking down unhealthy thatch layers that build up over time.

Don't wait to improve your golf course or sports turf. Carbon Pure™ is available right now! Simply tell your current blending service company that you want 10% Carbon Pure™ in your next top dressing mix and start experiencing the incredible benefits of Carbon Pure™ today! 

Golf & Sports Turf: Materials Accepted
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