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Orchid Mix

Orchids are as delicate as they are beautiful. As orchids do not require a large soil environment to live and grow, they are typically grown in a smaller container with a limited amount of soil. This means that the gardener has less soil to work with but is still required to provide each orchid with the nutrients it needs to grow and bloom successfully and to extend its life span.
But there’s good news! Orchids love our Carbon Pure product! Due to the high nutrient density, water retention, and high level of carbon present in Carbon Pure, by mixing Carbon Pure into the orchid soil mix, each orchid’s growth is boosted which leads to stronger orchid blooming that lasts longer. Adding Carbon Pure to an orchid mix has also shown to increase the life span of the flowering plant. Don't wait! See these improvements for yourself! Click the link below and get yourself your own Carbon Pure for your Orchids today!

Orchids: Materials Accepted
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